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I'm Cameron Peterson, an undergraduate student at Washington State University. I am currently an incoming Digital Technology and Culture student interested in developing my design skills. I plan on following the Digital Cinema track, with a few Integrative Design classes on top to receive Washington State University's Undergraduate Graphic Design Certificate.

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My Story

I have always been interested in graphic design and media; when I was a freshman in high school, our school received a grant from the community to remodel and purchase new facilities for nearly all of our classes. This gave me an excellent opportunity to get involved in multimedia when the class had a top-of-the-line setup for shooting video in the green, black, and white screen rooms with complete lighting control in each setting. This grant also came with a great camera, sound, and editing equipment. We also held live streams of almost every football, basketball, and baseball game on YouTube. The PC's allowed us to work with any Adobe program with ease. I also took an introduction to 3D modeling at this time that I enjoyed.

After my sophomore year in high school, I left the multimedia and photography classes behind. I only experimented with Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects on occasion on my home computer. At this time, however, I had only viewed these classes as a hobby and decided to pursue becoming a pharmacist. 

Once I reached college, I realized that I was not too fond of the classes I was taking or the Career opportunities I was able to job shadow. I took a year of business classes where I learned some basics of running a business, creating income statements and other sheets, and occasional marketing. The marketing projects were always my favorite, and this is what led me back to graphic design and media. Digital Technology and Culture is a relatively new idea for a major that not many Universities offer, so I look forward to gaining some unique skills as a designer as I grow.

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